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Meet our 2016-17 Puerto Rico Champion, Daniel


With a long history of serious health conditions in the family, Daniel and his brothers had routine labs and checkups each year. In 2011, their fears were realized when Daniel was diagnosed with advanced Crohn’s disease after spending 48 consecutive days in the hospital.

While Daniel was fighting to get stabilized, his hospital fought just as hard to provide the best care available. He spent the next six months in and out of the hospital for treatments.

Not your average 16-year-old, Daniel is now healthy and his disease is fully under control. He loves to play video games and is an avid Extra Lifer, participating in the CMN Hospitals fundraising program. He enjoys competitive shooting and has earned various first-place medals in local events. He also plays the French horn in a musical symphony group.


How donations helped Daniel at San Jorge Children’s Foundation:  

CMN Hospitals donations help kids like Daniel by providing various medical needs, including paying for his medical expenses.